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Seasoned PUP attorney speaks on the lawsuit against the Prime Minister and Love News

And while Dr Marvin Manzanero may soon face a demotion or transfer there is one binding contract that is already making its way to the court.  The contract for Karen Bevans, the Director of the Belize Tourism Board is a point of contention for the Briceno administration not only for the salary scale and allowances but also for its date of renewal.  Prime Minister John Briceno in an interview with Love News has expressed disgust on this particular issue.  Shortly after he was served with a letter of intent to sue from former Prime Minister Dean Barrow.  Barrow is representing Bevans in this case in which they are demanding monetary compensation and an apology.  Unconfirmed reports say that Senior Counsel Eamon Courtenay may go to battle for Prime Minister Briceno.  Today we met up with him up north and asked him for a comment.

Senior Counsel Eamon Courtney

Senior Counsel Eamon Courtney: “I hope Ms.Bevans won’t sue the Prime Minister. That would be a sad mistake. Think about it. $1.25 million dollars and you want to sue the Prime Minister? Let’s not get it twisted to early in the day. Right ? Alright.  I have a lot more to say on that.”

Love News had also received a letter of intent to sue since we were the ones who conducted and aired the interview with PM Briceno on November 24.