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Second annual Youths Engaged in Agriculture program to be held in Belmopan

Officials from the Ministry of Agriculture and the Belize Police Department met today in Belmopan to discuss plans for the second annual youths engaged in agriculture initiative.

Fem Cruz reporting…
“The Belmopan Police Department along with the Ministry of Agriculture held a very important meeting this morning to discuss plans for the second annual Youths Engaged in Agriculture. Love News spoke to Andrew Harrison Chief Agriculture Officer and Senior Superintendent Howell Gillett.

Andrew Harrison – Chief Agriculture Officer
“The police is looking at how we can keep the youths out of trouble and the agriculture is looking at agriculture as a business and that is the message we want the youths to take home. We know that from this project we can see young entrepreneurs in the future.”

Senior Superintendent Howell Gillett
“The reason it started is that we saw the need for young people to be engaged especially during the holiday times as I will remind the nation that there are more than 10,000 young people who are out of school at this moment in the Belmopan Police jurisdiction and we have to find, we can’t do it for everybody, but we do our very best to engage and the CEO of Agriculture is much a part of this along with the Chief Agricultural Officer to have this thing happen so it will be a five day event at the National Agriculture and Trade Show grounds. We ask parents to come in and fill in the forms. We are trying to reach out to 75 young people between the ages of 9 and 15 and it will be from the 31st of July to the 5th of August where it will culminate with a rodeo. The kids look forward to this every year to be a part of the rodeo so we are so happy to be involved and engaged with young people and that in itself is a form of solving crime. In addition to this we will be creating some employment for young people during that formative age of 9-15 who will be employed by the different mechanic shops, the woodwork shops, the furniture places, the tire repair shops and for those they will be paid for that. We ask parents to come in and sign the consent forms and also to fill out the applications.”