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Second Family Blames Hospital for Young Woman’s Death

And while relatives of Norberta Sanchez are in mourning, they are joined by their neighbours whose relative experienced a similar ordeal at the Western Regional Hospital and died one day after Norberta Sanchez.  19-year-old, Lucia Cal will be laid to rest this weekend after she was moved from hospital to hospital last week.  Love News understands that Lucia was pregnant and was at work at the time when she developed pains in the abdominal area.  She initially went to the Punta Gorda Town Hospital and was subsequently re-directed to the local clinic.  There, at the local clinic, she was given medication for the pain and sent home.  But her pains worsened and she had to be rushed to the Accident and Emergency Ward of the Punta Gorda Town Hospital.  But for unknown reasons, Cal was transferred to the Dangriga Hospital then later moved to the Western Regional Hospital.  While Love News was unable to reach Lucia’s father, we did speak with their neighbor, Alfonso Sanchez who briefed us on the situation.


“It’s one day after the funeral, we got the shocking news of yet another young lady nineteen years; my sister was twenty nine – very young as well and of course this nineteen year old to have gone through almost the same process and also end up at the same hospital.  As we understand, they did the surgery in Belmopan and I’m honestly hoping it’s not the same doctor that did the procedure to my sister was also the same one who did the procedure to this young lady. I understand she had appendicitis and apparently she had been doing the follow ups and that’s what I got, the last time I spoke with the family and then she was then taken from Punta Gorda to Dangriga from Dangriga to Belmopan – that was where the surgery was done and then from Belmopan to Belize City; that was where she passed away; all the way in Belize City. As the family had made mention to me as well they are saying their side is also clear negligence on behalf of the doctors in Belmopan. Apparently the doctors in Belize City are saying that after the surgery she was not cleaned up properly hence the reason for all the other things that came into effect leading to her death as well.”

As we mentioned earlier, the Lucia’s relatives are neighbours to the Sanchez family in Big Falls Village, Toledo District.  Both families are seeking to sue the Western Regional Hospital for what the two families deem as preventable deaths in the cases of 29-year-old, Nolberta Sanchez and 19-year-old, Lucia Cal.  Love News tried contacting the Chief Executive Officer in the Ministry of Health, Dr Peter Allen but we were told via text message that Allen is unavailable to do interviews at this time.  We were told, however, that an investigation is ongoing and that Dr. Allen is scheduled to meet with all those concerned on Friday and that he might comment thereafter.  Cal will be buried on Sunday, September 20.