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Security Forces learn best practices to use with children

In January, there was a training held for court personnel sensitizing them on how to treat children who may come in contact with the law either directly as a victim or indirectly as a suspect. This week there is a similar training being held for law enforcement officers.  Love News spoke with Joshua Dankoff, Consultant, who told us that the training is geared towards trainers and it is an opportunity for the security forces to integrate children’s rights into their training.

Joshua Dankoff Consultant: “Kids do often come in contact first with the Police and for the BDF there are children for example crossing the border and the BDF is first to come in contact with them so this training is an opportunity to make sure that the Police and the military are onboard and know about children’s rights and are implementing policies and procedures in favor of protecting children’s rights. We are focusing on correct treatment of children in detention for example. I am really spending a long time on that. Making sure that you people who are in contact with the law and that are arrested have their rights maintained. That they have rights to their parents or their social worker or if necessary a Justice of the Peace during questioning by the Police and to make sure that their rights are protected.”

The one-week training is being hosted by the United Nations Children’s Fund, UNICEF and is taking place at the Inspiration Center