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Security Forces participate in Torch Run

The annual law enforcement torch run began today in Punta Gorda. Paul Mahung spoke with the coordinator.

Paul Mahung, Love FM

“The law enforcement torch run is coordinated by Inspector Elroy Carcamo of the Belize Police Department.”

Elroy Carcamo, BPD

“Law enforcement torch run is a fundraising and sensitization event that commenced in Belize since December 2012. The first place it started from was Punta Gorda and since then every year we go across the country participating in the law enforcement torch run. The law enforcement torch run not only comprises of law enforcement officers from across the country but the different agencies such as the BDF, Coast Guard, Immigration, Fire Department, the Police Department and Customs. This year specifically we have teamed up to work closely for those torch run and for law enforcement itself. Since we started what is going to happen is that the torch, which is known as the flame of hope, will be taken through the principal streets of Punta Gorda and for the first time we will also be going to Mango Creek where we will be there tomorrow circling the torch trying to raise some funds. From Mango Creek we will be going to Dangriga then from there we will pass through Belmopan and San Ignacio and then we start from Benque coming back down. The Flame of Hope will be carried across the country so we will also be in Corozal, Orange Walk, San Pedro and we will be finishing at the Marion Jones in Belize City on Friday where it will signify the commencement of our national games for the Special Olympics Belize. As the Flame of Hope is carried throughout the different parts of the country we would like to advise persons to be cautious as to when the vehicles are moving and when the persons are running and we also want to advise you at the same time especially in the populated areas you can donate to the cause remember that we are working and we are trying to raise money for children with intellectual disabilities and that are participating in sports and we do not know when one of us can fall in that category and we need to support as we always do. Come out support law enforcement, support the Special Olympics Belize and support them for the national games.”

Paul Mahung, Love FM

“For the two southern districts, Carcamo mentioned that with the completion of day one of the law enforcement torch run this Friday from Punta Gorda to Independence Saturday’s run will begin in Independence to Seine Bight Placencia and on to Dangriga in the afternoon.”