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Security Guard dies after being shot yesterday

42-year-old security guard Daniel Ezequiel Alford died from gunshot wounds he sustained yesterday. The official police reports says Alford had gone hunting on the Mountain Pine Ridge Road and was climbing a hilly area when he accidentally fell and the shotgun went off hitting him. His family is disputing the official version. Correspondent Fem Cruz reports.

Fem Cruz, Love FM: 42-year-old Daniel Alford Senior, a security guard and a resident of Georgeville Village in the Cayo District, was found shot about 250 yards from his family home. The common law wife of the deceased Sandra Rodriguez spoke about the family’s loss.

Sandra Rodriguez, Widow: “Yesterday I came a little late from work, at about 4:15 pm so I met him down the hill going down and I was coming up on the motorcycle. I just lately came up when I received the news the little boy came with ‘my daddy said somebody shot him, I heard the gunshots but I don’t know who it is.’ so I just hurried ran down there and I saw him down there. All saw was a lot of holes on the side of his abdomen on his side.”

Fem Cruz, Love FM: What did he tell you?

Sandra Rodriguez, Widow: “He said somebody shot me but he could barely speak.

Fem Cruz, Love FM: The police said that apparently, he was climbing some hill.

Sandra Rodriguez, Widow: That is what they say.”

Fem Cruz, Love FM: Is that true?

Sandra Rodriguez, Widow: “No that is not true.”

Fem Cruz, Love FM: So your husband told you that somebody shot him.

Sandra Rodriguez, Widow: “That is what he told me, that someone shot him.”

Fem Cruz, Love FM: They rushed him to the hospital and tell us what happened.

Sandra Rodriguez, Widow: “We stayed a little while because we couldn’t get anybody to take him down. So when they rushed him I made his son go with him because he couldn’t go right way. When I got there they didn’t give me any information, I was there for about an hour or two hours there and they didn’t tell me anything.”

Police say they have the weapon and empty cartridge case in their possession.

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