Security Guard Faces 10-Year Sentence for Viral Child Abuse Incident

Security Guard Faces 10-Year Sentence for Viral Child Abuse Incident

Davian Flores has lost his job as a security guard for the National Sports Council after a video of him abusing his 3-year-old stepchild went viral on social media.  But losing his job may be the least of his worries tonight, as he now faces ten years in prison for cruelty to a child.  The 33-year-old was arrested and charged on Monday for common assault towards the child.  Today, however, the prosecution upgraded that charge to two counts of cruelty to a child.  In a rare appearance and an unprecedented move, the Police Commissioner opted to personally prosecute the case against Flores.  Flores was brought into court this afternoon and the matter got underway just after two o’clock before Senior Magistrate Baja Shoman.  The prosecution presented the matter to the court, laying out the facts of the case and the justification for the upgrade in charges.  Flores pled guilty to both charges.  At two thirty, however, the matter was briefly adjourned as the magistrate had requested an amendment to the case summary.  By three o’clock the matter resumed, and saw the prosecution request that the court give a prison sentence.  The magistrate noted the request, but had decided to give Flores time to present character witnesses on his behalf.  Additionally, she asked that a social inquiry be conducted prior to sentencing.  Flores is scheduled to return to court on June 3 where the social inquiry report would be presented and as well as the testimonies from character witnesses.  Once these elements are presented then the magistrate will decide on sentencing.  Upon adjournment, Commissioner Williams spoke to the media outside the courthouse.

Chester Williams, Commissioner of Police: “After having viewed the video footage myself I believe that the charge for common assault was inadequate. It was basically putting a slap on the wrist of the perpetrator and so I had directed the investigators to do further work to gather more evidence and record more statements. That was done yesterday and I must commend the officers from Domestic Violence Unit for responding quickly to my request. Having obtained the request from them I communicated with the Director of Public Prosecution and we both agreed that the charges should be upgraded from common  assault to that of abusing a child basically.”

Reporter: How did the department or the investigators maneuver considering that the mother had refused to press charges against the gentleman ? 

Chester Williams, Commissioner of Police: “Well we had to speak to the mother and explain to her the nature of what we’re dealing with. You can’t be a mother and see that your child is being abused at such magnitude and want nothing. I don’t think that a woman should love a man more than how they love their own children and so she was spoken to and eventually she decided that she was going to cooperate with the police and she did, we got the statement from her and so we were able to make significant progress.”

Reporter: And you got a conviction.

Chester Williams, Commissioner of Police: “Well of course yes the defendant plead guilty to the two counts and so as you have heard my submission to the court I will be seeking a custodial sentence. I don’t think that this is an offense that requires a fine. As a matter of fact the offense under section 60 subsection 1 of the Criminal Code clearly states that it has a minimum sentence of ten years in prisonment but we do know that even though that is stipulated by law the Magistrate still has that discretion that they can exercise in not giving a custodial sentence and hence the reason I indicated to the court my intent to seek a custodial sentence when the day of sentencing comes.”

Reporter: What if it were your child ? 

Chester Williams, Commissioner of Police: “I would allow the law to take its course.”

Reporter: Would you ?

Chester Williams, Commissioner of Police: “Yes I would.”

As to what urged the Police Commissioner to personally oversee the case, he explained that this is his way of sending a message to abusers.

Chester Williams, Commissioner of Police: “It’s a very important matter I must say. It involves a three year old who was being abused obviously by a thirty three year old and I think that when we have situations of such the police department as well as any other organization that has to do with upholding the rights of children we must do our best in making sure that those persons who are responsible are brought to justice. Over and over we’re seeing that our young people are being abused in various ways, shape or form and as a responsible organization we will always do our best working in conjunction with other organizations such as Unicef, Department of Youth Services, NCFC, etc. So we have to make sure we do what we can to protect our children. We must send a strong signal to abusers of children that you know what ? We’re not playing, we’re serious about this.”

This is the first court matter that Commissioner Williams has prosecuted in his capacity as the Police Commissioner.  The only other case he has prosecuted since passing the bar was the Danny Mason arraignment back in 2017.  At that time he was an Assistant Commissioner of Police.

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