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Sedi Calls Out PUP Leader on Party’s Stance on the ICJ

The Barrow administration has made it clear that they are in favor of Belize going to the International Court of Justice in order to end the territorial dispute between Belize and Guatemala.  While they have made their position clear on the matter, the Government has agreed to hold a referendum to get the people to vote on the issue.  Minister Wilfred Elrington spoke on the road to the ICJ and the position of political leaders, both past and present.


“Every single foreign minister in Belize who has had charge of this matter agrees that we should go to the ICJ. Said Musa the last leader of the People’s United Party has written publicly that that is the place to go, we have not had Francis Fonseca and this present one Johnny Briceno have not been able to make a public statement yet. I don’t know how they want to lead a nation and cannot make a public statement as to where they stand on this matter. I think they have an obligation”

In April 2016, the OAS Secretary General, Luis Leonardo Almagro noted that he is pro-ICJ; I May 2016, former US Ambassador to Belize, Carlos Moreno also spoke in favor of taking the matter to the ICJ.  Meanwhile in March 2016, Leader of the Opposition, John Briceno told the media that he would be revisiting the issue among his party members but a stance by the PUP on this issue is yet to be announced.  Julius Espat, however, who is the Cayo South Area Representative, told the media that in his personal view, he is onboard with the idea of going to the International Court of Justice.