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Sedi Clarifies Crazy Comment

On July 5th, the Minister of Foreign Affairs said it would be crazy not to vote “yes” during the referendum. This afternoon Love News sat down with Minister Elrington and he said that he was making personal comments regarding himself that it would be crazy for him not to vote yes, considering his knowledge on the topic.

Wilfred Elrington Minister of Foreign Affairs: The last time, the last interview that I had; I had used the expression “you would have to be crazy to vote against going to the ICJ” and I thought that; that might have been a stretch maybe a little misspeak. What I really intended to say was given the knowledge that I have both in terms of the facts surrounding the claim. The history of the claim and the legal issues that are involved because of the depth of my knowledge and my intimacy with this subject matter. I would have to be crazy to vote no to the ICJ. Everything that I know; all the facts, all the history, all the the law and all the international influences indicate that that the yes vote is the only rational vote that I could make.

Jose Sanchez: For people who would say no what alternative is there to an ICJ solution?

Wilfred Elrington Minister of Foreign Affairs: It’s a good question that I would love for them to offer a response to but I have not heard any rational and effective response to that question. As a matter of fact when I asked a former college of mine what then would you suggest. His response to me was that is your job not mine so mostly people comment and express a negative view but have no positive, rational alternative that will secure our country.

Jose Sanchez: There is a lot of sentiment people make when they hear your comments prior to you using the expression crazy. You spoke about our borders  being artificial; we have mountains and rivers and that offended many people as well and do you think perhaps its emotion towards you may be why some people say “ oh well He says this he says that; maybe we can’t trust going to ICJ. Do you think the sentiment is initial?

Wilfred Elrington Minister of Foreign Affairs: I am a popular target for some reason or the other there are some people in society who take exception to everything I say. Even the most rational thing, even the most proper thing.