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Sedi Welcomes Locals Abroad to Run for Office

Last Thursday, “Belizeans United for Equal Rights at Home and the Diaspora”, BUFERHD was launched. It’s a movement being spearheaded by Derek Aikman as its president and its aim is to close the gap between Belizeans living at home and those living in the diaspora. One of the primary objective of BUFERDH is to remove the restrictions on Belizeans living abroad to run for office in Belize. That idea has the support of Minister of Foreign Affairs, Wilfred Elrington.


Since I got into office with the permission of the Prime Minister and the cabinet we resolve that we want to do more for the diaspora so I’ve given strict instruction that we make contact with everybody abroad and see who we can be of service to them. The next big thing that is on my agenda is really to allow them to be able to run for office in the National Assembly even though they may have US citizenship, dual nationality. All kinds of people are now running so why can’t they? I think they have more entitlement than many other people so that is another big thing that I’ve already given instructions to look into and see how we can move that particular agenda forward. I want to see Belizeans who have US nationality being able to run in our national elections as member of our parliament.”

BUFHERD also has the endorsement of Bishop Peter Morgan, president of International Association of Kingdom Churches and Ministry.