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See and Taste for the Inspiration Centre

Plans are underway for a fundraiser that will help The Inspiration Centre in Belize City with its objectives of caring for those children with special needs.  The fundraiser is planned for later this year in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA.  Janine Sylvestre, Belize’s Honorary Consul to Florida, spoke to Love News on the event.


“We’re having our second annual Sea & Taste Belize on October 7th which coincides with Carnival. Our first event was just an astounding success; we had close to a thousand Belizeans who came to the first event and they came from all over the United States to celebrate Belize. The concept of Sea & Taste is to showcase Belize’s culture through its food, its art, and of course Belikin Beer and music. Secondly to really give back to Belize so we donated the funds for the building of the first pediatric intensive care unit in Belize. This year we are doing the same; we fly out Chefs from Belize, artisans and a band and we are giving to the Inspiration Center of Belize because they are doing fantastic work with children with disabilities.”

The annual See and Taste Festival takes place on October 7, 2017.