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Have you seen Zane Ireland?

The family of Zane Ireland is very concerned as no one has heard from him for over a month. The 21-year-old from Black Man Eddy Village left home to find work on Ambergris Caye. Up to news time tonight, Ireland’s sister, Cherise told Love News that the family has lost contact with him and just wants to know that he is safe.

Cherise Ireland Sister: “Zane Ireland I last seen him last Monday the 26th leaving home saying he is going to San Pedro and we haven’t heard from him since then and if he is listening now I just want to tell him to call home because we worry about him and we want to know how he is doing?”

Jose Sanchez: “Okay so where did he originally live before he went to San Pedro?”

Cherise Ireland Sister: Black Man Eddy”

Jose Sanchez: And do you have any evidence that says that he did get on a boat, that he did reach the island, anybody was able to reach him after he left?

Cherise Ireland Sister:I posted and posted on facebook today and I get one response that says that they saw him in San Pedro about 1 week ago. He tell me he was going to work there.”

Jose Sanchez: “And have you filled any missing person report to the Police or are you just trying to reach him?”

Cherise Ireland Sister: At the moment I haven’t filed a report yet, I am just trying to reach him.”

If you have seen Zane Ireland please call 622-6730.