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Seine Bight Family Claims Police Brutality

A family in Seine Bight Village, Stann Creek District, is upset after as many as eight police officers invaded their yard this morning. According to Juliana Casimiro, only women and children were at home just before five o’clock when the police came. She says she pulled out her phone to record the incident and began asking the officers to identify themselves.

“This is what my children are going through. Early this morning they killed my dog. You all show your faces. Can you all show your faces? P.C. can you all identify yourself for me? Please? Give me your name. Can you guys give me your name? Please give me your name and look in the camera so that we can identify you guys. Please? You guys came and killed my dog. It’s on the verandah. This is my grandchild. Come Kiana. I have a disabled in my home. Can you guys identify yourself for me please? We need your names. Give me your names. This is what you do with my children. Only ladies are here, no men are here and now you’ve killed my dog. Can you guys identify yourselves? We need to know your names. You already did what you went to do, guys. Give me your name!”

Casimiro further explained to Love News that the officers found nothing incriminating and that the officers even attempted to plant ammunition at the house.

“Way in our verandah the police came in and started shooting this morning when nobody was there. No men were in the yard, only females. Then one of the police ended up dashing one of his bullets in the house and he wants to claim it is ours.  Then afterwards they took over the responsibility and said it was for them, that they did throw a bullet there. All of that they did this morning. I could say, maybe about eight of them. Because three were outside by the gate and about five of them were in the yard so it was eight, eight of them went there. That traumatised all those babies until my grandbaby who is six years old was crying and said “they will kill us, they will kill us.” That is what Janae said. Six years old. They will kill us.”

In the process of the police raid, the family dog was shot to the neck and left for dead on the verandah.