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Dr Mariot Simon

Seminar brings neighboring Universities together

A seminar about Sustainable Development in the Maya World is occurring at the University Of Belize (UB). Love Correspondent Pauline Soberanis Tillett spoke to UB Vice President Dr. Marriot Simon about the goals of the seminar.

Pauline Soberanis Tillett: “Sustainable development in the Maya world is the theme for the fourth Bi national seminar with Mexico and Belize. This two day seminar which is hosted the University of Belize will look, discuss and share ideas  on research that has been conducted as explained by Dr. Marriott Simmons Vice President UB.

Dr. Marriott Simmons: “We are hosting the fair by Bi National Seminar with Mexico, with Belize and this is the fourth Seminar to take place. The first one actually took place in Belize city and the next took place in Chetumal so we have the honor of bringing the Bi national Council back to Belize and we are hosting it here at the University of Belize in the beautiful Belmopan. The Seminar actually looks at bringing universities together from the border state to Belize to discuss and share ideas on the research that have been conducted and this year theme essentially is sustainable development in the Maya world and of course you know that the indigenous peoples have lived here far longer than the people who are now living here. I believe the theme is very appropriate because it gives us an opportunity to see how we can develop not only the Natural resources here in between Mexican Belize but also and more importantly the human capital. As such the research is going to be a very fertile ground for us to essentially share our idea on the areas of economic development, forestry management, generally in all areas of resource development.” 

The Sustainable Development in the Maya World had the participation of educational institutions from the state of Quintana, Roo in Mexico. Ambassador of Mexico to Belize, Carlos Quesnel Melendez and a facilitator from a university in Quintana Roo explained why the annual 2 day forum is important.

Pauline Soberanis Tillet: “La Reina Cardiaga from the University of Quinta Roo and Ambassador Carlos Quesnel also commented on the forum.”

La Reina Cardiaga: “The University is part of the organizing committee of this seminar, this binational seminar Mexico and Belize so I am here on behalf of our president, of the president of the University Dr. Angel Rivero Palomo and we have been organizing now four seminars. This is the fourth one along with the Mexican Embassy, the University of Belize, Ecosur which is a research center in Mexico, very important research center and the University of Quinta Roo and this year there is a new member of the organization committee the University of Tabasco.”

Carlos Quesnel Ambassador: “Big pride today as we inaugurate the fourth binational seminar. This time on the issue of sustainable development, the University of Belize here in Belmopan and this is the fourth exercise that we do together. We did three seminars before here in Belize City the first one on migration issues, the second one University of Quintana Roo on education and the third one on Ecosur Chetumal on health issues.At this time we are touching a very important health issue; sustainable development in the Maya world. We celebrate this event that University of Belize is hosting, this important event and we are congratulating the organizers and we hope that this will be a very successful agenda.”