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Senate Finalizes Composition of the Senate

The most important outcome of today’s Senate Meeting was the composition of the Senate Select Committee. The committee will be comprised of six members: two from Government, one from the Opposition, one from the Churches, one from the private sector and one from the unions. This composition was introduced by Church Senator Ashley Rocke, there was a second motion, which was not introduced as planned by Senator Eamon Courtenay. Today we saw a rare event, both government senators and opposition senators came together to amend the terms of reference presented by Senator Rocke. Lead Opposition Senator, Eamon Courtenay told us more.

UDP Senator, Dr. Carla Barnett, explained why a budget was not approved.


Dr. Barnett also shared why the UDP Senators did not support the amendment for the committee to request the presence of anyone when it comes to the inquiry.

Originally two motions were to be introduced. However, only the motion by Senator Rocke was introduced. Senator Courtenay explained what transpired.

According to Dr. Barnett, senators will convene to name committee members after which a chair will be voted on.