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Senate Inquiry Reveals More Into the Nanes Case

You may know him as David Banes, David Nanes, or even as Nanes Schnitzer, but he was man who evaded jail time in Belize and fled the country causing Mexico to send a diplomatic note of protest. That’s because, he was caught in San Pedro in 2015 by US Marshalls who were hunting him down for a multi-million dollars Ponzi scheme in Mexico. Mexico had requested that Schnitzer be extradited but that request was denied. It was then realized that most, if not all, of his Belizean documents were fraudulent. He was charged for possession and uttering of a false document for the fake driver licenses he had under “David Nanes” and “David Banes”. During that time, the prosecution objected to bail asserting that he was a flight risk, however; Justice Dennis Hannomansingh granted him bail and Schnitzer fled the country. He was recaptured in Mexico at the start of 2017 and news from our neighbors to the north was that he had already secured fraudulent papers under a different name. When he was arrested in Belize, he had a host of fake documents such as a Social Security Card, a voter’s ID, a permanent residency card and even a Belizean passport. Love News has received copies of those fake documents and what is showed is revealing especially at this time when the Senate is carrying out its investigation into the Auditor General reports. However, the case of David Nanes was not investigated by the Auditor General and UDP Senators had successfully opposed a motion by then Lead Opposition Senator, Lisa Shoman, to have the senate investigate the matter. We received copies of Nanes passport application and his nationality documents. He was granted Belizean Nationality on December 17, 2012 and the document was signed by then Immigration Minister, Godwin Hulse. It is believed that Schnitzer was not in Belize for more than five years, which is one of the requirements for someone to even be considered for Belizean nationality. Less than a week later, he applied and received a Belize passport. Interestingly, the passport was picked up by Immigration Officer, Ady Pacheco of the Nationality department. Pacheco has yet to appear before the Senate Special Select Committee due to medical reasons. Recommender on the passport application was Gonzalo Heredia, a justice of the Peace and the brother of Minister of Tourism, Manuel Heredia Jr.


“I believe that was JP’s from my brother. I spoke to him a while ago because I think the media was trying to get him, probably  to say that I had something to do with asking him to JP the application. My brother, I barely see them. They’re busy; they live in San Pedro.  For the media to try to tell my brother if I had anything to do with what he did, I think has gone a little too far. I have recommended hundreds of applications from my mayor days to now. There is nothing wrong in recommending. I recommend people for American Visas and so forth. The Embassy has never said that there is anything wrong that I am doing. There is nothing in anything in  immigration that would have anything from Minister Heredia stating go ahead and do this. All that I have done is recommend. I know my job. I know what is legal and what is illegal and that is exactly what I will continue to do, recommending people.””

Mexican authorities say that Nanes Schnitzer was one of the key players who orchestrated the Allen Stanford Ponzi scheme conning thousands of Mexican investors out of millions of dollars.