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Senate President Lee Mark Chang eyes UDP Caribbean Shores

Kareem Musa is the current elected Peoples United Party Area Representative for the Caribbean Shores constituency in Belize City. During the last general elections in 2015, Musa was challenged by former United Democratic Party Belize City Mayor, Darrell Bradley. After Bradley lost, he has been quiet about his ambitions in politics. Last week via a social media post, former area representative Santi Castillo, who gave up the constituency to Bradley during that failed attempt, has announced his return into the political fray and also to Caribbean Shores. But Castillo is facing a formidable challenge from the president of the senate Lee Mark Chang. Chang told Love News today that he intends to win the Caribbean Shores convention and the next general election as a UDP candidate.

Lee Mark Chang – Challenger for the Standard Bearer in (UDP) Caribbean Shores: “When I learned that there is a possibility of the seat opening up; my family, my close allies and I discussed this matter. We have taken our time in terms of considering, in terms of running in the Caribbean Shores if it becomes available. At the moment it seems that it will become available but I am not too sure about that.”

Jose Sanchez – Reporter: “Now in terms of your experience you have tried already but you didn’t quite make it and you served some time as Senate President. What makes you feel that this is the right time for you in particular? There are other horses in this race.”

Lee Mark Chang – Challenger for the Standard Bearer in (UDP) Caribbean Shores: “Well for example since 2009 when I first declared, I have continuously worked in one division and I have continued to help the people. My main concern is to make sure the people are benefiting from the Government resources that are for the division and so that has been one of my burning desires to continue that work. Any candidate is a formidable candidate but I do believe that the people will decide. The people of Caribbean Shores want a person who will represent them properly, who will be on the ground and I do believe that I am the person that can get that job done.  Right now it is very premature to state who my team is at the moment. I am in no leadership race per say, my only concern if given the opportunity that I will serve the residents of Caribbean Shores.”

Jose Sanchez – Reporter: “In terms of your team, have you tried to work along or speak to anybody who might actually have been on the campaign? I mean have you had any dialogue with Darrell Bradley per say or his team to see where they stand?”

Lee Mark Chang – Challenger for the Standard Bearer in (UDP) Caribbean Shores: “Yes I have spoken with Darrell Bradley and yes he did mention that there is a possibility that he might not continue and that’s why I have continued the preparation work. In terms of the campaigning team, the soldiers, the street captains, all those are placed in my favor already to prepare to hit the ground running.”

Jose Sanchez – Reporter: “So if Darrell Bradley does step down do you believe he would support you with his team?”

Lee Mark Chang – Challenger for the Standard Bearer in (UDP) Caribbean Shores: “That will be a decision for Darrell Bradley to make. He did make mention yes that he highly supports my running but like I said when the time comes then I think Mr. Bradley will make the decision for himself.”

Jose Sanchez – Reporter: “ So Lee Mark Chang will be running in the next convention for Caribbean Shores?”

Lee Mark Chang – Challenger for the Standard Bearer in (UDP) Caribbean Shores: “Once given the opportunity yes I will contest the division.”

Former city councilor Lela Peyrefitte is reportedly hoping to be elected also the UDP standard bearer for Caribbean Shores.