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Senate Select Committee to compile report on hearing

The Senate Special Select Committee held its last hearing on December 2017. The Committee was tasked to investigate the findings of the Auditor General’s Special Visa and other findings Report on the Immigration and Nationality Department for period 2011-2013. For about a year the Committee interviewed witnesses and several scandalous revelations were made. The Committee is not tasked to compile a report to be table before the Senator. Chairman, Senator Aldo Salazar, gave the media an update.


“What the process is right now is that all of us have agreed that we need to put an outline and we need to suggest what we want in there. When we have that outline- more than likely there may be disagreement. Hopefully not.  We’ll see. At that point then we are going to decide what the majority feel should be in there and if there is a minority that doesn’t agree with that view then that person or persons have a right to write their own minority report and to indicate what they disagree with. It was a necessary process though, it was still a necessary process and I do feel some good – a lot of people are still skeptical but I feel that there is some good that will come out of the report. It can be used by the DPP, the Auditor General, it can stand as an example to other Ministries so I think it was a useful process.”

The Committee is scheduled to meet on February 14.

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