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Senator Aldo Salazar Questioned by US Authorities

U.D.P. Senator Aldo Salazar was part of a senate team that travelled to Taiwan on Saturday, April 20 and returned one week later to Belize on Saturday, April 27. The four man delegation which included Salazar, Doug Singh, the Chairman of the Elections and Boundaries Commission, and Hugo Patt, the Minister of Natural Resources was led by president of the senate Lee Mark Chang. The trip was successful with the exception of an incident prior to the return flight from Houston to Belize. Senator Salazar was taken and questioned by the US Federal Trade Commission. Salazar is an attorney by profession and he is the lead attorney in a case regarding Sanctuary Bay, a real estate scheme devised by Andris Pukke, a man who was serving time in a US prison. What does this have to do with Salazar? Senator Salazar provided legal services for Atlantic International Bank, the institution’s that eventually collapsed when the Central Bank revoked its license for its part in the Sanctuary Bay fiasco. Love News spoke to President of the Senate and lead of the expedition Lee Mark Chang who indicated it was much ado about nothing and that the media house that initially claimed Salazar was detained was reporting fake news.  

Jose Sanchez – Reporter: “As the head of the Delegation you must be aware that he was stopped and questioned?”

Lee Mark Chang – President of Senate: “And that is all that I know, that we were stopped, we were questioned and then we were released.”

Jose Sanchez – Reporter: “How long did it take as the other Delegation waited along with him? How did it actually work?”

Lee Mark Chang – President of Senate: “Well in terms of myself I think within like 10 or 15 minutes, a quick couple questions and we were all out. In terms of Senator Salazar’s thing, I think it was probably an hour, an hour and a half. We all left Belize together and came back together.”

Jose Sanchez – Reporter: “So no one missed the flight but this is questioning in relation to his client which was the Atlantic International Bank which was a part of the situation regarding the Andris Pukke scheme in Sanctuary Bay so they just wanted to know about his client Atlantic International?”

Lee Mark Chang – President of Senate: “Well, I do not know anything of the case so it would be premature for me to answer anything of that but Senator Salazar would be more than happy to answer your questions?”

Jose Sanchez – Reporter: “So nobody was arrested or detained?”

Lee Mark Chang – President of Senate: “No one was arrested or detained, there were some questions, we left together and we came back together. I have always said you know as reporters, as news media you need to be responsible in what you report. Once you give the report, yes you might be wrong and you give an apology. You need to check your facts before you make it a public statement or you make it news. That is why they say fake news, it can harm a family, it can harm your livelihood, it can damage their reputation and these are irreparable so as news media people you guys need to make sure you get the facts and not make fake news turn fact. Fake news also known as false information treated as facts. Do you know the damage it can cause persons and families, reputations and livelihood? Please be responsible and gather facts and not rumors. I wish news media outlets would be more responsible because they don’t even ask any questions and they take whatever rumor, gossip or hearsay they find. You can’t carry hearsay to court and I would hope that whoever has reported false information that they are being held responsible. Like asking me what is my position in Government? Where do I work? Do you have any business with your other colleagues, pretty much that so I don’t know where that voluminous information came from.”

Lee Mark Chang did indicate that Salazar was questioned for about an hour.