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Senator Courtenay: “Take A Message to Mr Perrera”

The expressed refusal by the current Chairman of the Elections and Boundaries Commission, Steve Perrera was also an issue that came up in the Senate.  Peyrefitte stated that while his personal views may align in part with the government, Perrera has the right to remain where he is if he so chooses.

Government Senator Eamon Courtenay, in his usual form, did not mince words on the matter, and sent a message to the Elections and Boundaries Commission Chairman, Steve Perrera, basically saying he will have to go.

Hon. Eamon Courtenay, Minister of Foreign Affairs

Senator Eamon Courtenay: “I listened with interest to Senator Peyrefitte on the Elections and Boundaries Commission and I won’t go into detail, we will not involve ourselves in any debate about it now. I will simply ask him to be a messenger and to take the message of Senator Salas the question of the Elections and Boundaries Commission is larger than any one person. Tell Steve Perrera it is larger than any one person. How is it that every UDP member of the Elections and Boundaries Commission resigned ? The PUPs resigned but the emperor saying he’s not going to resign. He has a chance as Mr.Price always used to say it is never late to do what is right. Take the message Senator Peyrefitte to Mr. Perrera it is larger than any one person. We welcome, Senator Salas, to look at the Jamaica legislation when we seek to reform the Elections and Boundaries Commission.”

On Monday Perera made the announcement that he will not be stepping down as the Chairman of the Elections and Boundaries Commission.  He fired off a 4-page document to the media explaining that the only requirements for being the Chairman is that the appointee be of integrity and high national standing.  Perrera was appointed under the Barrow administration in July 2020 and has quoted Section 88 of the Constitution which notes that all members of the commission are to be appointed for a fixed period of five years.  The section goes on to note that the Constitution does not allow for any shorter or longer period to be granted to the appointed members.  We will have much more on today’s Senate Sitting in our evening news.