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Senator Duncan says we are better off under a UDP Government

Joining his colleague in praising the Prime Minister’s Budget was UDP Senator Stephen Duncan. Senator Duncan compared the economy realities under a UDP administration to that of a PUP administration. He mainly focused on social and infrastructural programs.
Stephen Duncan, UDP Senator: “As we run a deficit there is a marked difference between the deficits we saw under the People’s United Part Administration and the deficit that we are seeing under the United Democratic Party’s Administration, so far I have heard speaker after speaker on both sides of the fence as well as social partners comment on the fact that we have used monies to build streets, to build roads, to put infrastructure in place, to help people pay off their mortgages, write off their mortgages, to help with social programs such as Boost, the reality Mr. President is that the deficit we are seeing in this administration can be accounted for and there is a clear understanding by the general public as has been manifested by the comments of various senators in this chamber today that those guns and monies were used to do projects in the country for the people- a marked difference from the deficits we experienced under the People’s United Party where the DFC commission of inquiry alone tells us that monies were sent out of the country to personal bank accounts and that is on record. So we are not comparing apples with apples and the need for the deficit at a time like this is well established.”