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Senator Eamon Courtenay to Join Delegation to Istanbul, Turkey

And while the PUP is planning their trip to the Sarstoon for Saturday, officials are traveling to Istanbul, Turkey for a meeting set to discuss the Sarstoon protocols.  As we told you yesterday, the opposition has once again been embraced by the Government of Belize to be a part of the discussions as they relate to the Belize/Guatemala issues.


“We have always said that when it comes to the sovereignty of this country, we in the PUP do not play politics. When we go abroad we speak with one voice, we speak as Belize and the meeting in Istanbul is a very important meeting. It is the first official meeting that we are going to have between Belize and Guatemala since the talks broke down when they presented their version of the protocols; something that we one hundred percent in the PUP object to. Now that they have decided they have the opportunity to meet again on this in the next few days, we will send our representative and our representative as I had said before is Senator Eamon Courtney. I think that he will be traveling tomorrow to represent the team.”

Foreign Ministers, Wilfred Elrington and Carlos Raul Morales will be there with their respective delegations.