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Senator for Gov’t Business Says There Are No Foreign Assets

We’ve heard the ruling from the US Court of Appeal surrounding the Arbitration Award to the Belize Social Development Limited and BCB Holdings.  We have also heard the Government’s decision to no honor the award and we have heard from the opposition on the matter.  Today, we asked Senator for Government Business, Godwin Hulse on his view on the matter.


“Well on the first part of the ruling I support the Caribbean Court of Justice, that is our final court and there are esteemed judges there and they have ruled and it is unfortunate that the US courts did not take into consideration any aspect of that ruling whatsoever but constitutionally we are guided by the rulings of our courts and no other courts can trump that. The second part this whole of this thing surrounds this infamous accommodation agreement which as you know I absolutely and completed denounce and abhore. I found it a travesty in every aspect and it was a vile agreement I can say nothing less than that and as a consequence the people of Belize have been asked to pay millions and millions of dollars to an agreement which should never had been penned by the then Prime Minister and that is what I would say to that so I in do not in any way support any payment at all with respect to that agreement even the ones we’ve had to do with BTL and I’ve made that clear and firm and I will die with that decision. The third part of the question really if it can be enforced I hope it can never be enforced and I support the government of not even contemplating paying it as I understand there are no assets that they can seize and so as long as that is the situation I will be happy by that they will have to come on shore to try to enforce it and the CCJ has already ruled. “

PUP’s Attorney has noted that the move by the Government to not pay the award will have consequence on Belize.