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Senator Hulse Demands Apology from Toledo East Representative

In last week’s sitting of the House of Representatives, Toledo East Representative, Mike Espat rose to bring about what he had described as further corruption in the immigration department.  Minister of Immigration, Godwin Hulse is not an elected minister and thus he was not on hand to respond to those allegations.  However, in today’s sitting of the Senate, Hulse spoke on the matter saying that he was stunned at Espat’s boldness in listing the names of individuals he claims to be involved in the allegations he made.


In an effort to bring clarity to the allegations made by Espat, Senator Hulse presented what he says are the facts of the case which he had been aware of prior to Espat’s presentation in the House of Representatives.  He added that a sting operation was held and two persons were held responsible.


In addition to his presentation, Senator Hulse concluded by demanding an apology from Espat.


Hulse’s presentation on this immigration issue was part of the 14-point agenda in today’s Sitting of the Senate.