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Senator Hulse Explains Rumors of His Son Evading Charges

Last month, reports surfaced that one Minister Godwin Hulse’s son, pistol whipped a man. This reportedly happened at a gas station in Belmopan and reports also suggested that Hulse used his ministerial powers to prevent his son from being locked up. Well Hulse told the media that those reports couldn’t be further from the truth. He said his son did not assault anyone. In fact, Hulse stressed that his son was the victim. He told the media what happened.


“A man came to the gas station, as I understand it; and my son was with me in the south that day, to buy some butane. After his truck was filled he decided not to pay he said because the meter was wrong, he left without paying. Not only did he leave without paying he came back with a police.  Well why the hell a police would come back is beyond me, police inspects the meter and the tank now I don’t know what expertise he had to do that because other people were buying. He left again without paying. When my son found out I said report it to the police because the guy has to pay. My son reported he gave the guy the receipt the guy went down to the station Sunday morning while my son his wife and his kid were heading to Mountain Pine Ridge and in the station attacked as I understand it the attendants cussing up etc. My son got there he got into that cussing match as well not only did he get into the cussing match he rushed towards his vehicle. Now my son doesn’t know what the hell is coming out of the vehicle and so my son grabbed him, that is my understanding from everybody there and pulled out his weapon. While he did that the wife came and hit him in his back with something. Now please explain to me if you should stand there to make some Guatemalan or whoever he is kill you and then run across the border and case over I say hell no. The police were instructed by whomever to do their thing I didn’t intervene at all and as far as I am concerned I stand ready if he is charged with anything to defend him. Because if he was in a bar or on the street or jumped, hell no this is three times a man comes and buys your product and doesn’t pay, comes back with police doesn’t pay, comes back and makes a commotion hell no.”