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Senator Hulse Says Auditor General Should Not Be Attacked

The Auditor General’s report has brought much pressure under the Government of Belize as it has cited numerous irregularities as they relate to foreigners receiving Belizean passports and nationality.  Fingered in those irregularities are both Cabinet members and public officers.  Minister of Immigration, Godwin Hulse says he has read the documents page by page and concedes that there were indeed many things that went wrong.


“There were a lot of things that were done that were wrong, that were illegal, a lot of things. It highlights a parallel system which we knew, I found that out when we had the Penner situation. I found that out and that is one of the reasons why we moved swiftly, to input into our system some changes to try to stem that. I will not guarantee the public that we have stemmed it but that is going forward and then we waited for the audit report to look backward in detail so that we can do something about those people who did wrong, cancel those passports that were wrongfully issues, cancel those nationalities and try to fix that.”

Earlier this week, the main opposition had sent out a release asking that the Barrow administration desist from the personal attacks against the Auditor General, Dorothy Bradley.  Bradley has taken some hits subsequent to the release of the audit reports on immigration and nationality but according to Minister Godwin Hulse, Bradley does not deserve the hostilities.


“Absolutely not she didn’t do anything wrong and I am not going to stand there and malign and criticize that esteemed office. The Auditor General is an officer of the National Assembly and I respect that so I do not in any way criticize, malign or talk about the messenger, I look at the message and as I said in the interview today there are some inaccuracies in the message some of those inaccuracies have spurned public outcry and we do have a responsibility to deal with those.”

The Supreme Audit Institution of Belize (SAIB) which the Auditor General heads has its main role as ensuring transparency and accountability over the use of public funds and assets.