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Senator Peyrefitte Says He Wants Evidence

Several public officers and former employees of Rene Montero have signed affidavits regarding activities that were taking place at the Ministry of Works under his term as Government ministers.  Despite the affidavits and the public appearance of the minister’s former runman Eddie de la Rosa, the UDP Chairman Michael Peyrefitte is now asking for evidence.  Peyrefitte’s statement came yesterday when the media asked him to comment on the multiple allegations of tossed at him.  The allegations which began surfacing after the November general elections include but is not limited to land greed particularly in the Cayo District.  Montero is yet to respond to any of the allegations, but has only threatened lawsuit to persons defaming his character.  Peyrefitte, who is also the former Attorney General told the media he is still waiting for the evidence.

Senator Michael Peyrefitte, UDP Party Chairman

Michael Peyrefitte, Senator:Well if people have the evidence then bring the evidence. If there was any wrong doing then we go from there but you can’t just allege you have to bring evidence and then if the state decides that they want to make any move then Mr.Montero has all rights. We will become concerned if and when credible evidence is produced not just hearsay, not just innuendos but evidence. We will look at the evidence and when we look at the evidence then we will have a discussion on it and then take a position on it but like the party leader has made very clear if anybody is found to be guilty of any wrong doing in the past administration he will not be one to defend it because we will stand on principle as a political party and wrong is wrong. However we’re not going to crucify somebody who belongs to our party simply because a PUP says he was allegedly guilty of something.”

Perhaps the most explosive allegations is where the former minister used the names of ordinary citizens to channel portions of land to himself, family members and associates.  The scheme was reportedly carried out by accessing the social security numbers of and their signatures through the applications for assistance under the Christmas Cheer programs.  These allegations have since been echoed by a former ally and operative, Eddie de la Rosa.