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Senator Peyrefitte Says the way Dr. Manzanero was Handled is an Unfortunate Decision

The UNCAC is not the only issue that the former Attorney General spoke on. Michael Peyrefitte had a close working relationship with several health officials due to the arrival of Covid-19 to Belize on March 23. Among those officials was Dr Marvin Manzanero the then Director of Health Services. Up to news time tonight the issue surrounding Dr Manzanero remains unresolved as he has neither been reinstated nor has he been given an official post within the public service. Love News understands that he remains in limbo especially since the Public Services Commission has yet to approve or disapprove his removal as the Director nor has it made any decision regarding the appointment of Dr. Morey as the Acting Director. Dr. Marvin Manzanero was the point person on the initial response to Covid-19 in Belize and had gained the confidence and trust of many in the public. Peyrefitte says, in his view, the way Dr. Manzanero was handled is an unfortunate decision made by the Briceno administration.

Michael Peyrefitte, UDP Chairman: “If the public service regulations were not followed then clearly it wasn’t properly done.  I think it’s not the wisest thing to have the DHS, Dr.Manza who was with us from the beginning of this whole COVID situation I think not utilizing his expertise and his knowledge in this matter is a mistake. I think they handled it very very badly and I think what they did was they also put a great young doctor in an unfortunate situation. I am sure Dr.Diaz does not want to be in this situation. A good qualified doctor who I’m sure has served her country for so so long all they have done is made a mess of the situation with the way they have done it. If they had wanted to replace Dr.Manza with Dr.Diaz they are free to do that you know but there’s a process and they should have followed that process. I am sure Dr.Manza and his union they have access to many attorneys and if he feels that his rights are being infringed upon well then he can take that matter to the court. But overall what they have done is they have put an unfortunate stain on Dr.Manzanero, they have brought Dr.Diaz in a very very uncomfortable situation which I’m sure she should not want to be in but as a good doctor she feels that she has to do her duty but I think they have to find a way to clean up this mess. They created a hell of a mess with this thing and while we could jump around and play with almost anything you do not play with our health, you don’t play with the stability of the health of this nation especially in the middle of a pandemic. So I think it is something that they need to sort out very very soon and I think that it cannot in any way hurt them for them to find a very very vital role for Dr.Manza to play in this whole scenario and to also find a key role for Dr.Diaz because I think they’re two very good doctors.”