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Senator Shoman urges Belizeans who were attacked to take action

Earlier this week we reported on what happened during an excursion that Diana Trapp and other Belizeans took to Melchor de Mencos, Guatemala. Trapp would regularly cross the border into Melchor to do some shopping but on this particular trip, things got out of control. On Monday, Trapp told Love News, that they were attacked by drunken Guatemalan men. Given the climate and the evolving situation in regards to Guatemala’s unfounded claim over Belize, Trapp felt that her life was threatened. Today, Senator Lisa Shoman, who has been, for many years, involved in the Belize/Guatemala dispute, gave some advice to Trapp.

Senator Lisa Shoman

I would urge those Belizeans who were attacked to call the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and ask for an appointment, they should ask to see either the Director of International Relations, Mr. Alfonso Gaona or the CEO and they should make a formal report to them about what happened because these Belizean have every right to cross the border like thousands of Belizeans do and they have a right to be safe. It is possible that they will have to also make a complaint to the police in Melchor and that has to be done but that isn’t something that possess any difficulty in fact the police in Melchor can be encouraged to meet them at the OAS office and they can make their report there in safety without ever leaving the Belize side. We have that kind of police to police contact but I think for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to be obliged to move these Belizeans need to go and make a report. I really am very wary of people who are trying to blame these Belizeans for going over to Melchor that is their right, that’s normal commerce. Some people can afford to go to the states, go to Chetumal and Melchor this is normal commerce and life has to go on and that doesn’t mean that they will just get pushed aside but I think they need to be proactive about it and make a report and I would urge them to do so.”

We understand that two persons were injured during the altercation.