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Senator Smith’s reaction to PM decision to allow Senate Hearings to continue

It was in mid-September, that Prime Minister Dean Barrow sent a letter to the clerk of the National Assembly, in which he stated that it was time to end the Senate Hearings. Barrow claimed that his administration was no longer, in a position, to financially support the Senate Hearings.  This sparked reactions from many organizations, including the Belize National Teachers Union (BNTU), insisting that the hearings be allowed to continue. As a result, Barrow has decided that he will allow the Senate Hearings to continue if he is presented with a clear timeline.  Love News was able to get, the BNTU’s President and Senator Elena Smith’s reactions to the Prime Minister’s statement.

Senator, Elena Smith

“Well I think the Prime Minister has finally realized that the date when that concludes is dependent on the committee and so he wanting to have a clear deadline I’m not sure how possible that is but I believe that we would be able to work on something as Senators in the committee to agree to how many persons we have left and how long that would take us to complete the process. We must remember that we have said though that we want the process to be done and to be done fully. We don’t want to have a process where after we have finished and then we write a report we realize that we should have done something or questioned a person. So we want to make sure that as a committee we do all that we need to do to get a proper report out.”