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Senator speaks about Corruption

Senator Lizaragga also spoke about corruption. He believes if the current laws such as the Finance and Reform Act were being respected, it would lead to a change in institutional corruption and some of the issues facing the country today.

Jose Sanchez: “Some institutions need to work on legitimacy and trust funds, how is that working to institutional corruption?”

Mark Lizzarage Business Senator: “Well I think it’s no secret, we have seen in those reports that we have gotten for the Auditor General for example and by the way we still see that she is only posted up to 2012. One needs to ask the question why have the reports since 2012 have not been posted but to answer your question specifically; corruption has robbed our institutions and our government of legitimacy and trust in the eyes of the Belizean people and the way you fight corruption is to be transparent, you provide the reports, you tell the people how you are spending their money so I make a call to the public service and I take this opportunity to invite them to comply with their obligations under finance and reform, to comply with the public service regulations, to ensure that the institutions and the Ministries and those departments that they are running comply with the letter of the law because we really need to bring back that legitimacy and that trust to our institutions, our ministries, our departments for this country to move ahead. Why are we continuously harping on this topic is because we are now seeing that we are being taxed more and more and more and there is a direct correlation between this corrupt spiral that we are in: government spending, higher taxes and poverty, they are all linked so if we continue to have corrupt institutions, institutions that don’t report, that don’t tell you how they are spending your money then there will be a need for higher taxes, higher taxes makes us uncompetitive, it makes your take home less salary. The salaries aren’t going up because the economy is stiful, its not growing, the only ones growing in this economy is the Government. Government spending continues to be the main driver in this economy and it cannot continue to be, it’s unsustainable. All it does at the end of the day, it creates this need for more and more taxes which at the end of the day leaves you with less and less in your pocket; there is a direct correlation between corruption, government spending, higher taxes and poverty.