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Senator submits motion to have CEOs appear before the Senate

Senator Lisa Shoman sent a letter along with a Notice of Motion to the clerk of the national assembly today. In her letter, Shoman is that the Notice of Motion be part of the Order of Business at the Senate meeting which has been scheduled for next week Friday. Shoman explained what the motion is all about.

Senator Lisa Shoman

I think that it is important for Belizeans to know and understand how long the situation in the Sarstoon has been occurring, what steps government has taken, if the protest has been made to Guatemala and also what it is that has been happening in the Sarstoon and how it is that we are going to address those issues. So I am asking that this we put on the agenda of the senate and I expect that on September 4 we will address it and take a vote to see whether in fact we are going to be able to call in the CEO of Foreign Affairs and the CEO of National Security to come and answer questions from the senate and give as much detail as they possibly can and it will be discussed, debated on and voted at the time and of course you know I will ask for a vote, a poll to be taken on this matter. I always expect that things will turn out differently or I wouldn’t be trying. This is a matter of public importance, it’s not a political issue, it’s not even an issue that government senator should shy away from supporting and so I am expecting that we will do this. Now if you notice I am asking in the motion for these hearings to be held publicly but if there is some feeling as though this is matters that concern our national security and need to be held privately I’m willing to also accept that. But what I am concerned about is that the senate not sit on its duties and do nothing because this is important.”