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Senior Citizen Clings to Life after Hit and Run

A man is in critical condition, fighting for his life after he was hit by a vehicle last night in the rural Belize District. Sixty-year-old Caryl Smith Senior was riding home on his bicycle in Sandhill Village when upon reaching the Maskall Road junction, he was hit and left for dead. It was a bus driver, who called for an ambulance to take Smith to the hospital. The victim’s daughter-in-law, Araceli Blease says the family was celebrating Caryl Junior’s birthday when they got the call that the Smith’s body was lying in the middle of the highway.

Araceli Blease, Daughter-in-law of Caryl Smith Sr.: “Last night we were celebrating my common law’s birthday, his son because he’s Caryl Smith Jr, And we received a call from a family friend. We thought that it was his dad calling to wish him happy birthday but unfortunately we got the news that he was hit by a car and the next thing we got a video showing his body lying on the ground and it was a bus that was coming from Belize city that the bus driver stopped and saw his body lying there on the ground and they were the one who rendered help and they were calling 911 and no answer so they called the ambulance and the ambulance came and until then the police came to when they rushed him here to the hospital. He really got some head trauma excessive head trauma. He was induced last night into a coma and this morning thanks to God he is responsive. He woke up but right now he can’t speak nor nothing but we are hoping that someone comes forward if they saw anything to please give us information because the way that vile person left my father in law on the ground it was very inhumane because he’s not a dog to be lying on the ground. If you know that you hit something at least stop and it would have caused us a little bit less hurt to us if he rendered help and brought him here to the hospital. This morning he had an appointment at the medical associates because the CT scan machine here is not working so they transferred him there and when they’re done with it they came back.”

If you have any information that may assist the family in bringing Smith’s perpetrator to justice call the nearest police station or the family at 638-1195.