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Senior Citizens Get the ICJ Education

April 10 is the day we decide as a country if we let the International Court of Justice in The Hague decide how to end Guatemala’s unfounded claim. In the Capital, senior citizens are being informed on the merits of Belize’s case. Belmopan correspondent Fem Cruz reports on what the seniors had to say about the ICJ.

Fem Cruz: “The teaching campaign on the ICJ continues across the country of Belize. Today the senior citizens of this beautiful city that we call Belmopan was apart of that teaching. Just a few weeks from now Belizean’s both young and old will be going to the polls to determine whether the long standing Belize Guatemala dispute will be taken to the International Court of Justice for resolution. Ardelle Sabido from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Referendum Unit spoke to Love News about todays ICJ campaign.

Ardelle Sabido Ministry of Foreign Affairs: “The public awareness campaign has continued to make presentations all across this country, especially to groups who have invited us. The help age is very active here in Belmopan and across the country and they have asked us to come and give a presentation. We are always available and very happy to come and share just the factual, neutral information on this issue in preparation for the referendum.”

Fem Cruz: “Briefly man tell us some of the feedback that you got?”

Ardelle Sabido: “I think people feel very good that they have neutral unbiased information on the facts because everybody knows that we have the right to make a democratic decision on April 10th 2019 but we also have the responsibility to act in the best interest of this country. Particularly the people of help age has served this country their entire life and they know the legacy they want to leave or future generations.”

Fem Cruz: “Love News spoke to two of the participants, your name mam?”

Sonia Burn: “My name is Miss Sonia Burn. I agree that we should go to the ICJ. I have learned so much more today. I am so glad for Ms. Ardelle and her presentation today. I hope others learn the same and realize that it is the way to go.”

Civilian: “I don’t disagree that we should go to the ICJ but I believe that we should postpone Michael Usher. That we should postpone going to the ICJ because things are just not right and I believe that the presentation made was in my opinion indoctrination rather than education. This is brother Fem Cruz Cayo Correspondent for Love News.”