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Senior Manager of Social Security under Investigation

A senior manager of the Social Security Board has been placed on administrative leave while an internal investigation is ongoing. That investigation is a result of the arrest of Forty-five-year-old Chinese National, Yuanran Zheng who was charged with forgery after being caught attempting to obtain a Social Security card using a phony nationality certificate. While Zheng has left the country, the criminal investigation has not been closed. Today, Head of the National Crimes Investigation Branch, ACP Joseph Myvette, briefed the media.

ACP Joseph Myvette

“In relation to that matter the investigation has not stopped at the arrest of these two persons but the investigation is continuing. I must say that I don’t know of any ring but I can tell you that the investigation is ongoing and I cannot say what it will unearth but this investigation will continue and whatever is found the evidence that is found will be put together and sent to the DPP for her direction.”


“But the possibility of a ring operating in that regards is being considered?”

ACP Joseph Myvette

“I cannot say that the evidence has not shown that we have gathered that so far.”

While ACP Myvette says he has not received any information of an immigration ring operating in Belize, in a previous interview, the Minister of State responsible for Immigration, Beverly Williams told Love News that she believes that the culprits are operating outside of the Immigration Department. This belief is also shared by Leader of the Opposition, John Briceno who says that the matter must be fully investigated.

John Briceno, Opposition Leader

“That has to be addressed ASAP. We need to put the people from the Auditor General’s department to go in and do a complete and thorough examination of all the records and any nationality that was fraudulently issued needs to be rescinded immediately, they need to bring in their papers and take away their passports if they have and if they are somewhere internationally I think we need to include INTERPOL to send this out that where any port of entry that they were to meet these passports that they need to be taken away from them; we need to start with that. But we also have to point out that the ring as it is, it is not the same one that started way back, the ring continues to renew itself and the ring right now I believe is being headed than no other than some of the UDP Ministers, we know the ones that are going there all the time, we know the UDP operatives that are out there all the time trying to push records so it is their own people but again Minister Hulse will want to pass on the blame to the public officers fully knowing that it is the same members of the UDP that are the ring leaders in what is taking place right now in the immigration department.”