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Senior Officials Recognize the Security Forces’ Wonder Women

The Belize Coast Guard held an official ceremony aimed at recognizing the participants of the Wonder Woman Challenge that was held on May 25 and 26.  According to Lieutenant Almita Pinelo of the BCG, there were several prizes awarded during the ceremony and luncheon held on Friday, July 28 at their headquarters in Belize City.


Today we did the official award ceremony for the Wonder Woman challenge that took place at the end of May to acknowledge the women for their hard work and dedication. We awarded the first, second and third place winners. First place received $500 from Minister Saldivar ,a gift certificate from Atlantic Bank and a round trip ticket from Tropic Air. Second place received $300 which was a donation from CEO Enriquez along with another $250 certificate from Atlantic Bank and a certificate from the Charge D’ Affaires. Third place also received a gift from the Charge D’ Affaires and a $200 gift certificate from Belize Bank. It was really just a luncheon to show our appreciation and to thank them for their job well done.”

The Wonder Woman Challenge is an annual event that brings together several females from the Belize Coast Guard and the Belize Defence Force to compete in different levels of physical tasks.  Those tasks included a six mile relay, a run-swim-run competition, the BCG Medley and an obstacle course competition.  Attending Friday’s ceremony were the Defence Minister, John Saldivar, the US Embassy’s Charge d Affaires, Adrienne Galanek and Lieutenant Gregory Soberanis, Acting Vice Commander for the Belize Coast Guard.