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Senior Superintendent Chester Williams called to the Bar of Association

On the news, he is usually referred to Senior Superintendent of Police, commanding the Eastern Division South but tonight we refer to him as Attorney-at-Law.  Chester Clyde Williams was called to the Bar Association of Belize this morning where he was admitted by the Chief Justice, Kenneth Benjamin. Williams is now eligible to practice law in Belize.  And while he is not the first police officer to be called to the Bar, he is certainly one of the few and the only one who has opted to remain in the police force despite his law degree and being a member of the BBA.  Williams joined the Belize Police Department when he was seventeen years old and this morning he spoke how becoming a lawyer will aid him in his career as a police officer.


Chester Williams: I must say that I am humbled to be a member of this noble profession, a class of very limited people and as I enter into this new profession I will continue to do my best in the way I perform my duties as a police officer and I will use my knowledge and experience to assist the Belize Police Department in seeing how best we could move the department forward and to do things in a more legal manner with a view to try and reduce the accusations of police brutality and incidents where police officers are being sued due to having the wrong approach in dealing with situations as well as to see how we can use the amount of cases that are going down in court as a result of police technicalities, ignorance for the procedures that should be followed so I will be using my legal knowledge and skills to assist in those areas. I must say it is an important accomplishment and it is even more important that I am the only one who has been called so far and remain in the Belize Police Department.  Often police officers leave to study law, they come back they normally leave the department and go into other professions but so far I am the only one who has acquired the legal education being called to the bar and remain as a police officer.

Reporter: Will you be staying with the Belize police department?

Chester Williams: I have all intentions of staying with the Belize Police Department, I have no plans of leaving any time soon. Yes there are still certain things that need to be worked out as it relates to my salary and the Minister is doing his best to see how best they could address that situation so that I can be paid for my legal education as well. I believe that my promotion is in the pipeline, I should be promoted to the rank of assistant commissioner any time soon, that discussion has been had with the commissioner of police and even the Prime Minister himself has also assured me that I will be getting my promotion very shortly so I await that and I will see where I go from there.


Williams studied law at the University of West Indies in Barbados