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Senior Superintendent Chester Williams meets with rival gangs

Earlier in the week, we told you about the gang brawl that left twenty two year old Mark Benguche, with a cut wound to the left cheek and Joel Bishop dead. The duo was attacked by a group of men in the area of BTL Park in the early hours of Saturday morning. Today, Senior Superintendent of Police, Officer Commanding Eastern Division South, Chester Williams, confirmed that the brawl was between two rival gangs. He said that he has met with the gangs in order to settle the dispute.

Senior Superintendent of Police Chester Williams – OC Eastern Division South

As it relates to the incident over weekend on North Side, these are not two new groups. The Southside PIV and Supal Street gangs have been in existence for many years but for that reason or the other they were not having that feud among themselves but now a feud has now developed between them so what I did this week with the assistance of Mrs. Finnegan and Mr. Douglas Hyde again, we had an intervention with them. We brought in both groups, and then we brought in a third group, the Backalang Group. The Backalang Group are those from LaCroix Boulevard, a group of young people who again were causing problems in the St. Martin’s Boulevard Area. They have a rivalry with PIV gang so we brought in three of the groups them and we had mediation with them. All the key players were involved and just as we have done with the other groups; we let them know what our position is. You have two routes to choose from. You either choose the route to work with us and ensure that you keep the violence down or if you continue to perpetrate criminal acts we will pursue you and the meeting I must say was successful. They understood and I must say in that meeting we invited Commander GSU, Mr. Flowers to be part of that meeting and he also told them what his position is from a GSU standpoint so that they know that the Police are not only out there to brutalize you or lock you down but the Police want to work with you.  Mr. Flowers, as much as we may want to think he is not community policing oriented, he too wants to pursue the same course of action that I have been doing. Meaning, going out, talking to people, mediate and see what we can do to mend fences with those persons who have had problems among themselves. The fact that I had an intervention session with the players involved clearly shows what my stand is. You have gone over to North side and war, do not bring the war back to Southside. If you bring the war over to Southside then I will consider that as disrespecting me and a different song will be singing then. Yes we are looking out for retaliation. We were expecting retaliation and we had the intervention. I am not going to say the intervention was sufficient. We will continue to go into the areas and dialogue with people to ensure that there is no retaliation.”

The motive for this latest Belize City murder has not been ascertained, according to investigators.