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Senior Supt. Vidal comments on the effectiveness of Meet & Greet

The Belize Police Department continues its weekly meet and greet sessions every Wednesday with the public across the country. It has been a little over two months since the transfers became effective and today we asked the Commander of south side Belize City, Senior Supt. Marco Vidal  how successful the meetings have been and whether the relationship between the City residents and department officials has been strengthened since the shifts.

Senior Supt. Marco Vidal – Commander of South Side, Belize City

“I’m pretty much happy with this particular Meet and Greet in comparison to other areas. We got a number of suggestions in terms of how to improve what we are doing and other suggestions which I think are innovative. So I think yes it has been good so far.”


“How has the public and police relationship been improving since you took office this year.”

Senior Supt. Marco Vidal – Commander of South Side, Belize City

“Well I don’t know if I can make that assessment with just the meet and greet but I would imagine and I would hope that the public would allow us the time so we can effectively police the area and ensure that the community feels safe. Our desire and our hope is that crime be reduced to the point where people can go out freely and go about their business without any fear of crime or any crime. And that is what we strive for and I don’t know that there is anybody in the department that would want to do otherwise so that is our mandate and we will continue to carry that forward.”

Today in the north of the City, officers visited residents on TV Ramos and George Arthurs Streets and surrounding areas.