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Seniors in Belize City treated to Christmas Party at the Helpage Center

Helpage Belize City branch held its annual Christmas party this morning. Over a hundred seniors who access the institution’s services showed up to dance, sing and eat. Dalila Ical stopped by and brings you the following story about “seenagers”.

Dalilah Ical: And we can tell that these vibrant ladies took to the dance floor. They are a part of 125 seniors who enjoyed the Helpage Christmas Party. Chairperson Carmen Barrow said they made it their goal to host their guests to a smashing party.”

Carmen Barrow: “ Most of the seniors are under the tent because that is where the music is so this morning when the DJ came I said you know what is true we want a brukdown Christmas party, don’t bring no whatever kind of music, we want music that our seniors can relate to and that is exactly what he did. We got someone with a Karaoke Mike Machine so our seniors have been singing, thay have been dancing, they have been playing games, just having a jolly good time and then after all of that they sat down to a really great turkey dinner: fire heart rice and beans, stuffings, turkey, salad, ham, cranberry all of which was donated by the business community and to people who are friends of HelpAge.

Dalilah Ical: “The organizers also received assistance from a group of students from St. Catherine’s Academy.

Chyanne Ciego Volunteer: ”It was actually our school doing the work service but it inspired me to help because although it is the elders they all need our help and it’s us the young people of the community, it is up to us to save them and things like that.”

Daliah Ical: “How was it like for you this morning.?”

Chyanne Ciego Volunteer: “It was actually great helping out the elderly to get together their Christmas party because not all of them that have the opportunity.”

Dalilah Ical: BEL also sent 6 staff members to help.”

Carmen Barrow:It’s important for me and for my executives that we really do as much as can to give back to our seniors which is why we all volunteer to help and not only at this time but all year round.”

Dalilah Ical: “So it is an early celebration in anticipation of the holidays for later this month, some of the ladies told us that they will be with family and indulging in food that is forbidden.”

Bertha Heusner: “The usual you know: you do your turkey, your ham with your family, we usually have a family dinner at my sister- in law house, we always go there every year for years.”

Clarisse Gentle: “I love Christmas, I love to eat and the most beautiful thing on the table is the ham, I love ham and I know I shouldn’t eat it but I’ll take my chance and pray.”

DalaihIcal: “And before they left the ladies had a little word of advice.”

Bertha Heusner: “All the youths are fighting for nothing, make them stop, make them stop. They hurt everybody, they hurt the immediate ones that they want to hurt, they hurt everybody because when you hear it you say oh Lord that it’s somebody else right because it’s somebody’s child they kill so for this Christmas make they give up everything and then we can go forward.”

Clarisse Gentle: “Take care, don’t eat too much thing that you are not supposed to eat because you will get into serious trouble.

Dalilah Ical: But you can have some ham?”

Clarisse Gentle: But you could have some ham, that will be wonderful, thank you Lord.”

Chyanne Ciego Volunteer: I would tell them not to take advantage of the elders because although they might seem old and miserable at times they still will help you to learn about certain things in life and life skills and so on.”

Dalilah Ical Love News

There are nine Helpage centers across the country which serves approximately 1, 200 seniors.