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September Celebrations will Continue as Planned

With The Queen’s death, some believe that celebrations for September be cancelled to show some sort of respect- but that view comes from a few because the Fire Engine Parade will proceed tonight as planned and so will the Tenth Day Celebrations. Prime Minister John Briceno explained. 

John Briceño, Prime Minister of Belize: “This is a tough one. I mean we know that Belizeans have been locked up for almost two years and Belizeans now want a chance to at least to come out. If we as a Government were to say, there’s going to be no parade tomorrow, you know immediately the UDP is going to shout out that you know, the PUP wants to kill the 10th of September and certainly that’s not true and so what we have done, Minister Fonseca and his *unclear*, they had consultations with the St. George’s Caye Committee and to ask them, or some sort of advice and they are insisting that they will still have some sort of parade but they have assured the committee that the parade is going to be done tastefully tomorrow and trying to hold it down as best as we possibly can. But they are insisting that they don’t want, they do believe that they should have their parade tomorrow. I don’t think there has been any question about our identity as Belizeans. That’s very clear. Everywhere you go you can see that we have an identity that’s so far different from what you would have from an English person or a citizen of the United Kingdom but the fact is that The Queen has been the Head of State from since Independence and even from before Independence when we were a colony. So it is obvious that we need to pay our respects for the work that The Queen did while she was alive and also to the family, to her family, to The Royal Family, and also to King Charles III who, obviously, he and his family, they are in mourning.”