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September Committee Chairman speaks of challenges

Belizeans celebrated this September under the theme, Belize – confronting challenges! Celebrating triumphs! Renewing our resolve! Chairman of the September Celebrations Commission said this year they faced their very own set of challenges.

Patrick Faber – Chairman of the September Celebrations Commission

“Such challenges included the need to amend the route of the Carnival. Hearing the church’s plea for not celebrating the 10th on a Sunday and of course the Queen of the Bay debacle. But lest you think that I am complaining on a day that we ought to be celebrating let me say that I am proud to have provided over an extensive line up of patriotic events under the theme ‘Confronting Challenges, Celebrating Triumphs, Renewing our resolve.’ On the matter of our major challenges in this year’s September festivities allow me to report that the new route of the carnival worked well and allow me to pledge publicly to my lord bishops and to the various denominations that from here on forward when such a conflict arises that the official ceremonies will be held on the 10th day itself while the parade and bramming will fall on the Monday. At our most recent cabinet session the members of cabinet agreed unanimously that the National Queen of the Bay competition be enshrined once and for all for the people of this nation making it Government and people owned and managed by entities who hold it sacred like its former queens.”