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Service fees for Belize City taxi operators is cut in half

The Belize City Council has made some adjustments to the fares charged to taxi drivers in the city. Councilor Allan Pollard says it was a decision made at a recent meeting and even though the council is strapped for cash, the move will not further cripple the council’s purse.

Councilor Allan Pollard: Last week we have passed a resolution in the council to slash the current service fee in half which was $20 per month for each taxi. We have slashed that and we brought it down to $10. The taxi people they really appreciate: the operators, the drivers, everybody appreciate so it’s one stepping stone to getting where we want to be and that’s what we campaigned on, the platform; we met with a lot of taxi operators before election and that was the concern from them and we are happy to address that.

Reporter: Ok so now how is the council able to in a time of revenue crunch how is the council able to afford a 50% discount in this operations fee?

Councilor Allan Pollard: Well in terms of the council and this department’s revenue we have optimized in different areas so it won’t be a significant hit to us in terms of revenue that we are collecting right now.


There are a total of thirteen taxi unions who are benefiting from the cut in service fees.