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Seven Artists featured in art exhibit at Mexican Cultural Institute

“Art Alchemists” is an art exhibit that will open later this week at the Mexican Cultural Institute as activities continue in observation of the institute’s 25th anniversary. The exhibit opens Thursday November 29th, at 7:30 PM at the Mexican Cultural Institute in Belize City and features the art work of seven artists, six of them Belizeans and one US national. Masani Live and Yaoling Lee, who is also the curator, are part of the group.

Yaoling Lee Curator: “I play with odds and so I put them together and they become of worth, they overlap each other: alchemist so we are alchemist and it’s a group show of seven artist including myself.

Masani Live Artst: “What is so attractive about this display is that we are going to have different artist doing different things but our differences is what brings us together, it’s like being creole, it’s like  you get a part of this and you get a part of that and you bring it together with love so we are really excited to share with you, a lot of us share the colors, the vibrant colors of their culture and you know we all come from different places but yet we are all one.

Yaoling Lee Curator: “The art work is a testament of persistence combing carter ship, age, value and fascination. Every artwork represents a story as if a chapter in a novel. Each piece provides a lense into the artists small world while expanding the audience view in perspective. Collectively the exhibit is a meditational love in that which frightens, stuns, satisfies and surprises us all at the same time.

Other artist are Valerie Penner, Ilona Smiling, Keoin George Griffiith, German Raul Figueroa, and Terryl Godoy. The exhibit will remain open for viewing at the Mexican Institute until February 7th 2019.