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Seven girls compete for the title of Queen of the Bay

Last year, Miss Belmopan, Jenny-Lee Cruz, took home the crown for the Queen of the Bay Pageant. This year, seven girls will be competing to become the new queen. Reporter Courtney Menzies was able to speak to each of the girls about why they chose to be a part of the pageant.
The 74th National Queen of the Bay will be chosen this Friday at the Bliss Institute for the Performing Arts. The seven delegates stopped by our studios and we got to learn a bit more about them.

Anthonisha Gabriel

Anthonisha Gabriel, Delegate: “I chose to become a part of the Queen of the Bay because I’ve always had a passion for Queen and I’ve always wanted to make history. I would educate people more about sexual education and do more community outreach to educate people and to reduce teenage pregnancy because that is a big problem in our country.”
Kimberly Santos

Kimberly Santos, Delegate: “My reason for going up for Queen of the Bay is that I wanted to build a platform for myself. I’m advocating for the reduction of single-use plastics and styrofoam and I want to educate people about this huge problem that our world is facing right now. I always speak to children, and schools and try to let them know the little things like you don’t have to go to the store to buy a plastic bottle of water you can take your water bottle from home and fill it up with water and by doing that little thing you are saving the environment.
Aliyshia Deshield

Aliyshia Deshield, Delegate: “Well I decided to go up for the Queen of the Bay because the Queen represents love for country, strength and is an emblem of freedom and I believe I’m a strong young woman, I believe that I represent strength just like the queen, I really love my country and emblem of freedom I believe that everyone has equal rights. I’m advocating for mental health specifically depression and anxiety. I chose mental health because it’s very dear to me and I believe that most young people, or any age people, they just need someone to talk to and have them express how they feel.”
Aaliyah Pilgrim

Aaliyah Pilgrim, Delegate: “San Pedro has never been chosen to come as a contestant in the Queen of the Bay so I thought it would be very honorable to represent the island and I just really like how the pageant is very patriotic and I feel like I’m a very patriotic person. Children’s needs especially children’s safety I’m a part of the Children’s Advisory Board in San Pedro where we work on making suggestions that prioritize the safety of children and as well as learning how children need certain things in San Pedro and how we can get it for them.”
Sabrina Coleman

Sabrina Coleman, Delegate: “The reason I joined this pageant was that I feel like this is a great way for women to showcase who they are and what they have to offer. I love my country, I consider myself to be very patriotic and so if I am to win I plan to work with needy children because I believe that children are our future, some people might say its cliche but they are our future and I believe that if we work with them as children then they grow up with that love, they grow up knowing that you are supposed to help people. So if we start with children when they grow up they will use that as an example and they will go and help somebody else because if you want to see change your opinion alone will not do that, you have to take action and lead by example.”
Alyssa Faux

Alyssa Faux, Delegate: “I chose to enter Queen of the Bay because I think this is only the second time that Placencia is representing. I advocate for all things health and I’m passionate about health and I think this is a great way to get it across. I think the pageant will help me with this platform because maybe I could get to the Ministry of Health and have them help me get around to villages and little neighborhoods that don’t have that access to the health they need.”
Reporter: Our reigning queen is from Belmopan, do you think you’ll be able to bring home the crown once again? 
Kiah Pastor

Kiah Pastor, Delegate: “Well I must say I have been working diligently to do just that but all I can do is try my best. My platform is working with teenaged girls because you know the world is evolving and you know women are starting to step out of their comfort zones and they are stepping into leadership roles and being their authentic selves but we need to start with our youth and encourage them and uplift them and teach them, self love and how to be confident in themselves so that no matter what career they choose they step into that path confidently.”
Reporter: The outgoing queen Jenny- Lee Cruz also had some words of advice for the delegates.
Jenny-Lee Cruz, Queen of the Bay 2018-2019

Jenny-Lee Cruz, Queen of the Bay 2018-2019: “My whole reign has been really great. I’ve created a platform to work with youths and not only youths but also older people and I’ve found myself doing more than expected which made it really awesome and fun. I would like to tell the delegates to never give up on their dreams and to always remember they are queens even if they don’t win the crown.”
The Queen of the Bay pageant takes place on Friday night at the Bliss Centre for the Performing Arts.