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Seventh Belize Esri User Conference comes to an end

The seventh Belize Esri User Conference came to an end today in Belize City. The two-day event saw the participation of geographic information systems or GIS users from all spectrum of the commercial sector. Geographic information systems technology is being pioneered by Esri which uses the technology to make maps that communicate, perform analysis, share information, and solve complex problems around the world. In Belize, Esri partnered with Total Business Solutions Limited and Managing Director, Loretta Palacio, spoke to Love News.

 Loretta Palacio, Managing Director, TBSL: “The local users here have submitted abstracts and they have created their story and said ‘this is how we did it.’ ‘this is how we are using GIS to improve our work to improve efficiency, profits.’ and then they are sharing that story. Then we are also sharing the ESRI technology, how you can use the various platforms in the Esri platform to do work much easier. There is a lot of data being collected everyday and we are sharing how what we call our GIS platform can support mining the data, visualizing the data, analysing the data so it allows for better decision making.”

Reporter: Since the start of the conference seven years ago and maybe previous to that, how has the usage of GIS, the development of that usage crown from then to now?

Loretta Palacio, Managing Director, TBSL: “We have seen steady growth in the adoption countrywide. There is still obviously a lot of work to be done and this is why we host this event because the more people come they are getting aware.”

Reporter: Is the lack of information in terms of using GIS the only challenge that we are seeing in terms of this topic?

Loretta Palacio, Managing Director, TBSL: “What I see a major challenge is leadership. I think that our leaders I don’t think they are aware that it starts with them, that it’s not about sending your technician. Most leaders they are automatic reaction is ‘yes’ we’ll register our technician, this is not about a technician conference talk or presentation it’s for leaders to understand the role of this technology in their business, how they can achieve their strategic objectives using GIS and they have to champion and lead because they are the visionaries.”

Guest speaker at the two-day event was Dr. Ruud Derix from the Central Bureau of Statistics (CBA) in Aruba. He discussed the importance of being spatially aware and the need to take into consideration both the data supply and the data demand aspects of GIS implementation.