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Seventy nine new recruits inducted into the Belize Coast Guard

Seventy nine new recruits joined the ranks of the Belize Coast Guard after completing twelve weeks of rigorous training. CEO in the Ministry of National Security, Felix Enriquez, spoke of the significance of the newest intake.

Ministry of National Security, Felix Enriquez:  “Today is a very important day for the Belize Coast Guard and for the Ministry of National Security. Today the Coast Guard graduates its largest in its thirteen years of existence so intake number nine is certainly among some significant milestones and accomplishments of this esteemed organization and it is indeed a time for us to celebrate. It demonstrates the commitment of the men and the women who lead the Belize Coast Guard and the commitment of the Ministry of the National Security in building its institutional capacity and fulfilling the goals and the objectives of the Coast Guards long term strategy. Congratulations on successfully completing the Coast Guard’s basic training, congratulations on your promotions to the rank of Seaman apprentice, congratulations on achieving this personal goal that will benefit you as well as your family and of course your country. Today we salute you; this event demonstrates that you have shown determination that is required to be successful in the Belize Coast Guard. You have endured twelve weeks of applied Military training. Training that is designed to transform you from a civilian into military personnel and so now the foundation has been laid for you to build your careers. The Coast Guard is a highly desirable and honorable organization. We know because 550 applicants submitted to join this intake and of that number 320 applicants were accepted to sit the entrance exam and of those who took the test 123 passed the Muster and were called and cycled through the training but as you know a passing muster does not guarantee that you will remain in the Coast Guard. You must endure the rigours of recruit training. Today the 79 of you: 69 men and 10 women should be proud of your accomplishment.”

He also expressed the different opportunities of growth which are available to all the new recruits, but shared that there will be unavoidable challenges as well.

Ministry of National Security, Felix Enriquez:  “There are many opportunities for both personal and professional growth within this organization but there are also challenges associated conducting operations at sea. Our Coast Guard must overcome several hurdles in dealing with the natural environment and the criminal elements at sea. Your training therefore is very rigorous and is designed to produce a robust combatant Coast Guard man or Coast Guard woman who is versatile, very skilled and prepared to conduct a wide range of law enforcement missions.”

According to Enriquez, of the five hundred and fifty individuals who applied, only seventy-nine completed the training; sixty nine males and ten females. Several of the new recruits received various awards and recognition for their performance during the training.