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Several Green Spaces Sold In Garden City

Belmopan City Council – it is at the top of our list of stories after it was found out that Mayor Sharon Palacio has hired the services of two City Administrators including her brother, Dr Ludwig Palacio.  After airing the story, we additionally found out that her son serves as a driver at the council as well.  It is a case of clear nepotism and one that she refuses to respond to despite our correspondent’s persistence in getting a comment from her.  This situation, however, is not the only story coming out of the Belmopan City Council.  Several pieces of information were hand-delivered to our newsroom this morning that shows a list of properties that were sold under the previous administration.  In one of the documents a list of 23 properties including buffers and feeder roads were sold for as low as fifteen thousand dollars to as high as one hundred and twenty thousand dollars.  The document shows a buffer area located at number forty-one Constitution Drive being sold off, as well as another buffer area at number twenty-three Constitution Drive sold for just over fifty thousand dollars.  It also shows a feeder road on Buca Street sold for just over forty-two thousand dollars.  The other documents received by our newsroom shows a listing of close to forty individuals and businesses purchasing parcels of land for half of its value.  One company listed as Capital Investments Limited was reportedly sold a property having over five thousand square footage for fifteen thousand dollars while its value was listed as double that amount.  Another sale was reportedly one involving a UDP Senior Parliamentarian who bought a property having thirty-four thousand square footage for sixty thousand dollars; half of its actual value.  Love News reached out to former Mayor Khalid Belisle who explained to us that there was the sale of the buffer areas particularly across from the OLOG School was intentional.  He has committed to giving us an interview on the documents and the land sales.  We will keep you posted.