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Several injured in Accident

There was a traffic accident just before 3 p.m. today. Two vehicles collided and has seriously injured one of the victims. 4 year old Victor Guzman is in a critical condition while the driver of one of the vehicles 68-year-old Sotero Zeceña is hospitalized. The other two minors, 2 and four years old were treated and released from the Western Regional Hospital. Cayo correspondent Fem Cruz reports.

Fem Cruz: “A traffic incident just before three o’clock this afternoon just in front of West Star gas station in the village of Roaring Creek left four persons injured. Localino Castaneda the driver of the red Mazda pickup truck spoke to Love News.

Localindo Castaneda: “I was heading from Belmopan to Cayo and right around West Star in front of West Star  a white Toyota just passed in front of me and I tried avoiding the collision but it was futile.

Fem Cruz: “Edgar Cecenia the son of the driver of the Toyota pickup truck spoke to Love News.

Edgar Cecenia: “My name is Edgar Cecenia and when I was going out to West Star I saw that the accident was a couple minutes ago and I saw the accident looked like the red pick up was coming so fast and hit my father on the front but my father is an old driver so he drives slow every time. He is conscious on the road. As far as I know he is in the Hospital right now. My sister Carmen Cecenia was with my father right now. The only person who is injured bad is my little nephew Victor Guzman. Dulce Guzman was also in the accident and Joseline Guzman. This is brother Fem Cruz Cayo Correspondent reporting for Love FM.