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Several injured in early morning traffic mishap

A traffic incident early this morning in the Orange Walk District left four persons hospitalized. The three-vehicle collision occurred near Rhaburn’s Ridge on the Phillip Goldson Highway. fortunately, there were no fatalities. Reporter Vejea Alvarez tells us more.

Vejea Alvarez, Love FM News: Just before 6 o’clock this morning three massive vehicles collided with each other between mile 38 and 39 on the Philip Goldson Highway. The frightening ordeal involved an Enriquez Company passenger bus, a Bowen and Bowen Crystal truck, and a BSI/ASR molasses truck and left many persons in absolute shock. A person inside the bus, who shared her frightening experience via Facebook, says there were about 20 passengers, including herself, her aunt, and her mother. Fortunately, there was no loss of life but at least four persons were hospitalised. At this time what led to the crash is unknown but police investigations are ongoing. Rosanna Villanueva, Bowen and Bowen’s Corporate Relations Manager explained that the company was able to determine its distributor truck was within the speed limit.

Rosanna Villanueva, Corporate Sales Manager, B&B: “Now our focus is always on the safety of our members and of course the public and so we do have GPS trackers on all our trucks where we are able to track their driving behaviours, their speeds, things like that. So one of the things that we were able to confirm quite early on was that at the time of the incident, the driver was within the speed limit on the highway.” 

Vejea Alvarez, Love FM News: What degree of injury did he sustain?

Rosanna Villanueva, Corporate Sales Manager, B&B: “Well we’re very grateful that he only had minor injuries. He did go into the hospital because he had some minor cuts and bruises but he was released already and, yeah, so he’s fine.”

Vejea Alvarez, Love FM News: And much like the delivery truck driver, many of the passengers on the bus received minor injuries and were assisted by a nurse who was on board. In relation to the incident, Belize Sugar Industries (ASR/BSI) released a statement saying that their Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) team has ensured that no molasses was spilled, and based on their analytics, the truck was travelling at approximately 42 mph, as their fleet speed is controlled and locked at a maximum of 45 mph to mitigate speeding challenges. The company also added that they have removed all debris from the highway to normalise traffic flow. And, according to Villanueva, BnB, also sent a cleanup team and is fully cooperating with investigators.

Rosanna Villanueva, Corporate Sales Manager, B&B: “We maintain the same safety protocols that we have in place. You know, training – our drivers are highly trained. We have our tracking so that we can monitor, you know, how they’re doing on the road and as I said, you know, we’re still waiting to find out the details of what exactly happened with this morning’s incident. We have a team that’s been out there from very early at the scene of the accident. Of course, at the time their priority was making sure that everyone was safe and accounted for and no major injuries but yes they have started working on clearing the debris already.”

Vejea Alvarez, Love FM News: Our newsroom also understands that the driver’s side of the passenger bus suffered the brunt of the impact. The severity of those injured is yet to be ascertained. Vejea Alvarez, Love News.